Benga Live Episode 3, Easter Saturday Special.

Benga Live Episode 3, Easter Saturday Special.
past over 2 years ago

Sat, Mar 26. 11:00AM - 6:00PM

Kenya national Theatre. Nairobi, Kenya

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Welcome to the 3rd episode of Benga Live @ KNT, this time, Easter Satrday Special featuring Mutinda Wa Mbua, De-Emah and Dj Gregg Tendwa of bengatronics.

From its humble rural beginnings, Benga Music has evolved from a simple traditional form of village entertainment to a national and regional music genre. Due to its rich rhythm, Benga became a direct hit in Africa and the rest of the world.

This music has been nurtured into a club circuit affair across numerous urban areas in East, Central and Southern Africa. Sprinklings of it are to be found in DR Congo. It has been borrowed, repackaged and found a new form in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Its potential is immense, undiscovered and unexploited, and it is an industry that if well managed, it could yield a Kenyan identity in the global conversation about sound. Benga is undoubtedly - Kenya’s own dance music.

In stride with keeping this culture alive and advancing it to the next generation, the Kenya Cultural Center (KCC) in collaboration with WiBO Culture Culture and Jojo Records presents Easter Saturday Special, for only Kshs 300 at the door, students come in for free!

You are all Welcome!!