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Beach Clean-up Accra

By Eben Afful
Sat, Aug 10. 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Next Door Beach Resort, Accra
past over 1 year
Beach Clean-up Accra

"The ocean cannot clean itself. Only human can do that." Thinking critically about how plastics and others are deteriorating the ocean, beaches and the sea creatures, We are more than compelled to act in a way to save the ocean because health to the ocean means health to us.
Net Impact Action at Home Ghana is a youth group that brings stimulating events that challenge young people to act on social and environmental issues in Accra and other parts of Ghana.
To help curb this ever-growing ocean pandemic, the group would like to organise  beach clean-up projects across Accra. The first of this exercises taking place at the Next Door Beach Accra.
The group believes that Action speaks louder than words and that every little step can lead to a change and save the ocean.
The aim of this project is to clean-up beaches, create awareness about how plastics and other litters are causing harm to the ocean, sea creatures and the health of human. We also seek to share some creative ideas in which plastics could be re-used, reduced, and recycled.
On the event day, we will
Do a clean-up around the beach
Do Yoga/meditation
Photo shoot/ Video shoot for a plastic awareness campaign
Logistical InformationVolunteers can bring along the following materials:
Gloves (Reusable gardening/ cloth ones are better)
Buckets or Duffel bags (Reusable smaller collection vessels for individuals)
Plastic Garbage Bags for end of the day
Pickers (If available)
Attendees can wear any dress of the choice but must put on Cloosed-toe shoes. They must also bring along reusable water bottles and  food in reusable containers
Please call Eben on +233240166665 more inquiries.
Hope to see you there!

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