Barnyard Theater - 80's vs 90's

Barnyard Theater - 80's vs 90's
past almost 4 years ago

Wed, Oct 8 5:00PM - Fri, Oct 10 10:00PM

Italian Club Harare, Zimbabwe

Event Details

Barnyard is back in Harare with one of their best shows yet! Performing every night between the 8th and 11th of October at a new venue, The Italian Club in Strathaven.

When 2 decades collide!

Eighties and Nineties Pop Culture is rampant in our lives today, but when it comes to music - which decade rocked our world the most? The challenge is on!

80s vs. 90s is a fun look at both decades and a musical roller coaster for the audience. The talented cast revive songs from both decades, together with two hilarious hosts who are each fanatical about their favourite era!