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Starts: Sunday, 30 August, 2015 11:00am

Ends: Sunday, 30 August, 2015 03:00pm

Event Details

This is a rock, house, techno, EDM concert. While pushing this music ministry, we came across a deficiency. Gospel Rock, EDM(Electronic Dance Music), House and Techno music are not that much addressed in Kenya. To fill this gap, we are organizing a concert labeled ‘Bankrupt’. It is meant to bring out the fact that we are all bankrupt without Christ, without that new life that the Holy Spirit gives & without love (I Corinthians 13:1-3) According to John 13:35 the way to show the world that we are of Christ is by showing love to all. The concert will be an acknowledgement of our need for something that can only be found in Christ without which we are likened to being ‘Bankrupt’. Bankrupt is set to be held at least twice every year.

Bankrupt objectives include:
1. Approach people with what they love to draw them to Christ. Lovers of, for example EDM music, have turned to secular avenues rather than gospel ones due to lack of such events.
2. Educate even those unfamiliar with the named genres while bringing a new thing in music ministry. Those familiar with it on the other hand will have an opportunity to enjoy the music they love. It is however not meant to isolate a genre of music.
3. Get people to embrace Rock, EDM, House and Techno gospel music.
4. It addresses the ‘sporty people’ due to the high energy of the genres. There is no other event that addresses them.
5. Promotion of our own Kenyan artistes who have ventured into gospel Rock, EDM, House and Techno music such as Kambua, Kaffi, Mike Muema, Majic Mike and Annette Tenaya just to name a few.
6. Expose Kenyans to international gospel Rock, EDM, House and Techno music artistes during these concerts.
7. Bankrupt concert will be an event that creates new platforms such as Christian Zhumba.

Advance tickets= 200/=
Tickets at the gate=250