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Back To School

By Belle Sisters Foundation
Tue, Sep 19. 9:00AM - 11:00AM
Kano, Nigeria, Kano

(BSF introduce to you her next project: BELLE SISTERS FOUNDATION BACK TO SCHOOL PROJECT. Wealth is nothing if it cannot be used for the advancement of a society and mankind (an age alongside saying). The best way to contribute to the development of society and mankind is through education. The impact of education can never be overemphasized, that is why, BSF have set out to reach yet again the underprivileged and orphan children through our BACK TO SCHOOL PROJECT. This project is targeted to affect positively the lives of these children by giving them hope in education, through donation of educational materials (Sandals, School Bags, Uniforms, Writing kit, Exercise Books, Water bottle, Test Books, Calculator, Crayon, Eraser, Dictionary). Today, if these children are denied education, skill acquisition and other social empowerment skills which would prepare them as leaders of tomorrow, they may become possible deadly militants and threat to the country. Belle Sisters Foundation is committed, helping less privileged children in the country to find their root in education and fulfill their potentials. The BSF Back to School Project is created to support the children through humanitarian aid because we take pleasure in putting smiles on their faces. This project is a result oriented platform through which the desired and sustainable turning around of the lives of these children in the society can be guaranteed. We are here to ensure that children in need (especially education) are not denied the opportunity to harness their potentials to the fullest. We are grateful to God because we are fortunate to have our basic needs while others don't, we are privileged to have the power to put smiles on the faces of these children by showing them love through donations in kind or cash to support BSF Back to School Project. BSF is borne out of utmost desire to wipe away tears from the eyes of the needy. Is it their fault that they are born in abject poverty? Do they have to be rejected? Don't they need a chance? How can they get the chance if we don't come on board to help them? How can their dreams be nurtured and achieved if there is no one to help them? What will their tomorrow be if we don't do anything? Do we want them to become armed robbers, prostitutes, militants etc., tomorrow so that we sit at home to criticize and condemn them? We cannot reach all but we must start somewhere and now, so let's all come together and help these children to be great in life, in that way; we make our community, society and our country great. The psalmist said, Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me!.

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