Asa Baako Music Festival

By Asa Baako - One Dance
Fri, Mar 6 11:00AM - Sun, Mar 8 7:00PM
Busua, Western, Ghana, Busua

In March 2011, the people of Busua village came together with a handful of music explorers from around the world, to party under the stars on Busua Beach. That weekend became Asa Baako, meaning One Dance in Ghana's Akan language.

Since then, Asa Baako has continued to grow and move forward as a celebration of African and African-inspired music and arts from around the world. In March 2015, we
celebrate Asa Baako's 5th edition.

As always, we'll be soaking up the sun on Busua's tropical beach by day, before going into the tropical forest at dusk for the now legendary jungle party.

Join us for one of the most unique music festivals in the world on March 6, 7, 8 2015.

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Asa Baako - One Dance