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Artist Afternoon: Michael Musyoka & David Thuku talk about "This for That"

By The Art Space Kenya
Tue, Apr 5. 11:00AM - 1:00PM
The Art Space Kenya, Nairobi

About Michael Musyoka Musyoka is a Kenyan contemporary painter. Born in 1986 and raised in Nairobi’s Kariobangi South estate, he grew to appreciate matatu art and graffiti on walls of residential houses and signboards of business premises in the neighborhood. He has worked as an illustrator in publishing companies and advertising agencies. He holds a Diploma in Art and Design, (Drawing and Painting) from the Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts, where he was the Most Enterprising Student and Best Student in Drawing and Painting (2012). He was also the First Runners-up in the Manjano Exhibition (2015). Musyoka has shown his work in numerous exhibitions in Kenya including: The “Finding Voice” Series at the Village Market and at the Kenya Cultural Centre, The Kenya Art Fair (2014), Manjano Exhibition (2015) and The Kenya Art Fair (2015). He is currently an artist at Brush Tu Art Studio About David Thuku With paper as a medium, Thuku uses the sgraffito process - scratching to reveal, using plain black paper as a starting point and cutting into the layers colored paper to reveal each image. David Thuku was born and raised in Nakuru County. He is a graduate of Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts, where he acquired a Diploma in Drawing and Painting, and was merited the Most Outstanding Artist of 2009. His art is used in annual Christmas cards and notelet prints, for the UK based charity Langalanga Scholarship Fund that helps in educating bright and needy kids from Gilgil, Nakuru County. He works with a range of media, including oil/acrylics on canvas, mixed media drawings and recently, he has been working with paper. He has participated in several group exhibitions at the Nairobi National Museum, Manjano exhibitions, UNEP Headquarters (Nairobi), the Russian Embassy Residence, Circle Art Gallery(Paper II), and the Kenya Art Fair 2015. He is a founding partner of Brush Tu Art Studio, where he is based. About Brush Tu Studio Established in 2013, Brush Tu Art Studio, located in Nairobi, is a creative space that currently houses five contemporary artists. The name “Brush Tu”, which translates to “Brush Only” or “Just Brush, is derived from the artists’ tendency to opt for paint and brush as their preferred medium of expression. _____________________________ "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." - Edmund Burke "This for That" explores the internal triggers that lead people to make bad choices. It looks at the ills of society and asks if we are part of allowing those ills to thrive. Michael Musyoka cites examples from his own life where his morality has been challenged and uses these stories to identify with the audience. David Thuku classifies society into four segments of action and non-action and asks what stage we are in as individuals. The exhibition takes an intense but anecdotal view on today’s society and the vice of corruption.

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