Art Gallery and Museum Photography

Art Gallery and Museum Photography
past about 2 years ago

Tue, Aug 2. 3:30PM - 4:30PM

St Augustine College of South Africa 53 Ley Road, Victory Park Johannesburg, South Africa

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Photograping pictures and other objects in art galleries and museums is a special art, and can place significant demands on the photography. One has to manage the light that the galleries have chosen, as well as their rules and permissions and prohinitions. Many, if not most, disallow the use of flash. Sometimes the work of art is behind glass, so polarizing filters are needed. 'Framing' can be especially challenging, depending on gallery layout and the height and angle at which picture are hung. Above is Crivelli's 'Madoonna and Child' which was captured by Raphael, the instructor of the Photography Club. This week, the club will do some practical work, capturing some of the remarkable art collection at St Augustine College. Everyone is welcome.