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Sat, Aug 27. 10:30AM - 2:30PM
Technical University of Kenya, Nairobi

During the upcoming meeting: We will have a brief critical reading session where participants will read a portion of research proposal from one of them and give feedback to the scholar We will have some of the Kenyan postgraduate students, make presentations of portions of their work for feedback from the other participants. We will have a few Commonwealth Scholars from the UK join into the meeting via Zoom and participate in the discussions. The key presentation will be by Yoghang Singh a PhD(mechanical engineering) 2015 Commonwealth Scholar from Pymouth University -UK. See below abstract and brief profile: Title of Presentation: Artificial Potential Field for Path Planning of an Uninhabited Surface Vehicle in a Real-Time Marine Environment Abstract of the Presentation: With growing advances in technology and our everyday dependence on oceans for resources, the role of marine vehicles has increased many a fold. Extensive operations having naval, civil and scientific purposes are required to be performed to improve our understanding of oceans. Most path planning techniques are implemented in self-simulated environments. This study accounts for use of artificial potential field (APF) in path planning of an uninhabited surface vehicle in a real-time marine environment. Path cost, path length and computational time are described to ensure the effectiveness of the motion planning. Brief Profile: Yoghang Singh is currently working on path planning of swarm of marine vehicles in School of Marine Science and Engineering, Plymouth University, Plymouth under the umbrella of Autonomous Marine Systems (AMS). He has designed and developed a laboratory scale underwater glider in his master's studies at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)-Madras, India. He has previously worked as research assistant in IIT-Kanpur, India and NIT (National Institute of Technology)-Allahabad, India for a stint of two years. My expertise is in Design and Development of Marine Vehicles and Hydrodynamics with a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. NB: if you want to join into the meeting via zoom, please request for the meeting ID.

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