Amnesty International Film

By Russell Coombs
Tue, Feb 17. 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Goethe Institut Accra, Accra

Human Rights Film Screening and Discussions
Themes: Stop Forced Evictions and Torture
Tuesday, 17th February, 2015
Venue: Goethe Institute, Accra

The film screening event is a joint collaboration between the Goethe Institute Accra and Amnesty International Ghana. This is the first in a series to present and discuss human rights issues through the use of audiovisuals. The films are based on two of Amnesty International’s global campaigns, namely:
- Stop Forced Evictions, and
- Stop Torture

The objectives of the film screening include;
- To raise public awareness about the violation of the fundamental rights and freedoms of people affected by forced evictions and torture.
- To provide a platform for an interactive and participative discussions of the issues identified in the films
- To mobilize support for Amnesty International/Goethe Institute’s work to promote and protect human rights of all.

- There will be two sessions of film screenings – one on forced evictions and the other torture
- Each session will be followed by an open forum – a questions and answers session to generate discussions on the human rights issues
- The Q & A sessions will be moderated by experts using the following as a guide:
• What happened?
• Who was/were affected/victims?
• Who was/were the perpetrator(s)?
• What were the underlying causes?
• Which national, regional or international human rights provision(s) relate to the issue(s)?
• What can be done – the way forward? Etc

Welcome address/opening speech – Goethe & Amnesty
Introduction of guests and participants
Overview of event
1st Film screening -
Brief discussions
2nd Film screening –
Brief discussions
Open Forum – general comments, questions and contributions
Closing remarks – Amnesty & Goethe

Refreshments will be served after the Closing Remarks…Grilled Kebabs, Samosa, Spring rolls and beverages from the Goethe Bar & Grill

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