Akaa Waterfall Abseil

Akaa Waterfall Abseil
past almost 3 years ago

Sun, Aug 30. 6:00AM - 4:00PM

Koforidua Koforidua, Ghana

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Do you remember what Abseiling is? 

That awesome adventure activity in which you hike up to the top of a cliff, get yourself strapped into a harness, helmets and some awesome looking metal connectors, whisper a prayer of reverence, lean back, take a photo and step backwards into nothing but vertical space on a rope as thick as your middle finger? 

Well, we remember it too.

Now imagine doing it in 40 metres of vertical space - and we mean vertical space - no rock to step against... just empty air... while a great waterfall gushes beneath you.

Let's do it this August 30. We'll leave Accra early. It costs just 120-GHC and includes awesome food, barbecue, drinks, water and transport.

Get your ticket here (https://expresspaygh.com/bravehearts) or call 031-229-8036 immediately.

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