Agriculture Nutrition Linkage

Agriculture Nutrition Linkage
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Starts: Monday, 24 November, 2014 12:00am

Ends: Monday, 24 November, 2014 03:00am

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Ensuring nutritional impact of agricultural projects
Ethiopia, 24 November – 05 December 2014.

The Center for development innovation (CDI) is proud to present to you the short course on Agricultural Nutrition Linkage from November 24 – December 05, 2014.

CDI, wagningen works on creating capacities for change through its different courses conducted in Asia and Africa. Through the support of multi-stakeholder innovation, support policy development, managing for impact, CDI fosters critical thinking on key development issues. Linking the newest insights to the reality and offering world-leading scientific and technical expertise on safe and secure food, sustainable value chains and a healthy living environment has been core values of CDI in the past and continues to be so.

The Agricultural Nutrition Linkage course is one of such courses of CDI where the improvement of nutrition by making agricultural development programs more nutrition sensitive is emphasized. The course mainly focuses on ensuring nutrition sensitive agricultural development through the application of conceptual frameworks and the design and implementation of agricultural development programs.

Contribute to improving nutrition
By making agricultural development programmes more nutrition sensitive. The topics in this course are:
– understand the concepts of food systems, food security, nutrition and poverty and their interconnectedness;
– be able to apply conceptual frameworks to ensure nutrition sensitive value chain and agricultural development programmes and policies;
– formulate or adjust the design and implementation of agricultural development programmes and policies to enhance the impact on nutrition;
– be able to apply tools for developing and monitoring programmes or interventions to contribute to structural development.

We invite the professionals
If you are working for a governmental or non- governmental organization at national or sub-national level in one of the following positions:
– a policy or planning officer with responsibility for promoting community and household livelihood including food and nutrition security;
– a managing or co-coordinating position in planning, management, implementation and/or monitoring and evaluation of a food and nutrition security programme or an agricultural development programme;
– a position in action-oriented research, advisory or teaching, directly relevant to food and nutrition security;
– Proficiency in English is required.

Develop insights & work on your cases During the course, participants are invited to work on their own cases and those of fellow participants. The thematic approach in the programme offers the flexibility to elaborate on specific themes participants would like to address. As a participant you will take home: tangible results for your cases and new in-depth insights to address nutrition issues within agriculture development programs.

CDI is ISO 9001-2008 certified
Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen UR

Do the right thing at the right moment As a professional you will be trained to act, based upon a systemic understanding of agriculture nutrition linkages. A case study in the field will allow the participants to gain all practical experiences needed to implement it in their own situation.

Interested Applicants can:

Apply at the website of CDI, Wageningen UR: you will receive a confirmation and more information within a week.

Participants will be granted a Certificate of attendance upon the completion of the course. The programme of the course might change to incorporate new insights

Fee: 3,400 Euro

Deadline subscription: 13 October 2014

Fee includes all course related costs (materials, excursions, administration).

Participants of last year’s course were extremely enthusiastic about the interactivity of the course, and how much they learnt from the experiences of others.

We hope to have a good pool of energetic participants this year as well so we can run another successful course.

Note: Early applications are highly recommended as there will be a stiff competition for attendance as well as some procedures to finalize subscription ( can take some time.

Proven concepts & state-of-the-art science and methodology
For an overview of all the courses visit our website More than 20,000 participants have gained access to the latest insights from research and best practices. From September 2013, all participants of our courses offered in Wageningen will use tablets as a learning tool.

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