AfricAvenir & FNCC presents Authenticized (Namibian Premiere)

AfricAvenir & FNCC presents Authenticized (Namibian Premiere)
past over 3 years ago

Wed, Nov 12. 4:30PM - 7:30PM

Franco Namibia Cultural Centre Windhoek, Namibia

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An increasing number of tourists, photographers, filmmakers and television crews travel to the ovaHimba people in search of genuine experiences and spectacular images. With their so called "exotic appearance" (what ever that may be) and traditional way of life, the ovaHimba satisfy that need - on request and at the right price.
As they become economically dependent on their own representation, the ovaHimba now have to live up to their image, while simultaneously trying to preserve a culture in transition.
In the midst of this industry of images, AUTHENTICIZED observes the groups on every side of the lens - framing, posing, paying and performing.
The film AUTHENTICIZED was produced and directed by Marijn Kraak, Reimer van Tuinen, and Karel Poortman. The film features Tjinezuma Kavari, Tony Figueira, Kapei Barnabas Tjitunda, Ted Scott, Willem Odendaal, Vickson Hangula and many more.