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African Youth Human Rights and Culture Summit

Wed, Sep 2. 8:30AM - 4:00PM
Bank Of Ghana Auditorium, Accra
past 7 months
African Youth Human Rights and Culture Summit

As African youth, it’s time to demand your basic needs; dignity, freedom, equality, peace and justice. Learn how to stand up for your rightsAbout this EventWhy is it that the world’s richest continent (in terms of natural and human resources) has most of the poorest countries in the world? Out of the 25 poorest countries in the world, 23 are located in Africa and the top 10 poorest countries are from Africa. Why does Africa have the poorest people? Have you thought of an answer to these questions?The violations of political, economic and human rights are the root causes of many difficulties Africa citizens are facing. In Africa, rights to adequate food, water, medicine, housing, clothing, employment and cultural life are denied. Certain small groups are oppressing the large majority groups and denying them of their basic rights. This they achieve by excluding the large groups from the society’s decision-making processes.Enough is enough! Enough of Africa sinking in poverty, inequality, insecurity, and unemployment. As African youth, it’s time to demand your basic needs. It’s time to demand dignity, freedom, equality, peace and justice. It’s time for you to unveil your power to drive social impact in Africa.YGEM, in partnership with Royal Africa Generational Thinkers, presents the 2020 African Youth Human Rights and Culture Summit (AYHRCS). The theme for this year summit is UNVEIL YOUR POWER TO DRIVE SOCIAL IMPACT IN AFRICA. The purpose of this summit is to empower Africa youths to stand up for their rights and for the rights of others to create a brighter future for the continent of Africa.YGEM is creating a platform where youths collaborate to make human rights an Africa reality. The summit will feature Human Rights Hero Awards, short Human Right movie, briefings from high-level diplomats and officials, presentations by youth delegates and panel discussions on how to demand your rights and learn how to drive social impact in Africa. We believe that if the youths are empowered and know their human rights and women’s rights, they will be able to stand up to societal corruption and put an end to abuse and corruption in the continent.Benefits• You will have a better understanding of Human rights and how to utilize these rights.• Broaden ideas on human rights, women’s rights, youths’ rights, labour right, civic right, domestic violence, gender and all other rights related issue.• Throughout the Summit, you will have the opportunity to network, coordinate, exchange information, and formulate plans with other youth’s delegates and high-level diplomats to accomplish your purposes.• You will be given the resources you need to drive social impact in your country and become the hero to curb ugly situations such as crimes and corruption in Africa.• Opportunity to build your capacity and be inspired to command justice for Africa.• Free human rights workbook and light refreshment during the summit.• On request, you will get a certificate of participation.• On request, you will get a customized t-shirt and be inducted to our global youths network.Eligibilities• Must be 16 years above.• Must be a citizen of any Africa country.• Must be able to speak English.• Show a strong interest in the topic of the conference.• Be willing to represent your country as Youth Delegates.• Have a keen interest in the development of your country and Africa.According to research carried out to understand public attitudes to human rights, less than 26% of youths are fully aware of their human rights. However, 71% of youths have shown interest in learning more about human rights. This is a positive change as youths today are willing to learn and take their rightful position to contribute to social growth and development. This summit will gather hundreds of human rights activists, journalists, student leaders and more from different countries in Africa.Are you among the 71% youths, willing to learn more about human rights and be an advocate for change? Register now, limited seats available. Registration is online.Would you like to volunteer for this summit? Please, ensure to apply online and indicate that you would love to volunteer for this summit.Deadline for registration: 29 May 2020.Summit date: 02 September 2020.Enrolment fee: Attendance is free.CERTIFICATE & EVENT T-SHIRTIf you want to get a certificate of participation, the customized t-shirt and be inducted into our global youth network, you are expected to pay a token of $10. Please note, the payment of $10 is not compulsory to attend the event. The event remains free for all.Would you love to partner with us, kindly send a message to us via email

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