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African Peace Ambassadors Leadership Training

By African Peace Magazine
Fri, Feb 25. 9AM - 9PM
Coconut Grove Beach Resort, Elmina
past about 1 year
African Peace Ambassadors Leadership Training

Africa needs competent local managers and peace ambassadors to create a sustainable and peaceful environment.
Knowing our assets and confidently sharing our knowledge is the first step in peacebuilding in Africa.
Youths will learn skills to become better leaders and peace ambassadors. This training serves as the overview and you'll explore what Conflict management and leadership are and the key skills and strategies effective managers use to create successful and peaceful communities/organizations.
This is mainly a classroom-based course similar to the higher institution studies format. Topics will be covered through case studies that encourage participants to do 90 percent of the talking during the discussions and workshops. The Trainers steers the conversation by making occasional observations, asking questions, and summarizing. The conclusions and decisions are made by the participants.
People who consider managerial career and look for a purposeful career path. It will be a great first leadership experience, an occasion to learn from professionals in a safe environment and network.
Participants will learn from each other about the African cultural leadership expectations and how to use cultural sensitivity to create a safe and cooperative culture in Africa.
Benefits are:
At the end of the training, participants will receive certificates.
• Participation in this program will help increase their potential for international job placements,
• Participation in this program will help increase their potential to attain scholarships.
• It also creates an opportunity and avenue to network and works with people in the same industry from all over the globe?
• It is designed to leverage your professional network and focus on creating the perfect learning and sharing environment to broaden their perspective and grasp new approaches practiced by foreign professionals.
• This opportunity delivers more return of investment than most other business tools, both financially and in non-monetary terms including professional advice, new opportunities, and assistance.


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African Peace Magazine

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