African Football Film Festival 2017

African Football Film Festival 2017
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Thu, Apr 20 4:00PM - Fri, Apr 28 10:00PM

Lagos, Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria

Event Details

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Festival / Film Makers,
We hereby kindly invite all professionals and aficionados to submit their football films for the 3rd edition of the African Football Film Festival (AFFF) in Lagos (Nigeria) from
20 to 30 April 2017!
The 3rd edition of AFFF will focus on “The State of African Football” in all its glory and gloom. Films related to this theme are more likely to be selected. Why this theme?
Ambition and quality of African footballers have enormously increased in recent years. More and more talents find their way and some of them reach to the top. On the other hand, almost all football federations in Africa struggle to take football in their countries to a higher level. Challenges include, among others, infrastructural development or even total lack of infrastructure, lack of human capacity, erroneous policies, lack of funds, or corruption. An example: Just recently the Nigerian women national football team seized the trophy won at the CAF Africa Women Football tournament in Cameroon due to the inability of the Nigerian FA to pay outstanding allowances. Meanwhile, the FA officials went on a chartered flight to watch the ladies play in the finals.
If you would like to submit your film, please take note of the following details:
• Submission period: 20 December 2016 to 20 February 2017
• Categories / formats: all films are welcome
• Fees: no fees apply
• Formats: CD or DVD
• Submit to: PLAY!YA, Friedelstr. 22, 12047 Berlin, Germany
[ Note: For other formats or forms of submission please contact: ]
Additionally, please attach a letter of authorisation that permits us to use your film for the festival. Since AFFF is a social and non-commercial event, PLAY!YA Nigeria is unable to pay royalty or other financial costs for the films. We shall however, give adequate publicity to your film(s) if selected and recognise your kind contribution. We also work on raising funds to invite filmmakers to Lagos so that they share with colleagues, the media and AFFF visitors.
The first African Football Film Festival (AFFF) was organised by PLAY!YA Nigeria in 2013. As a non-profit organisation, PLAY!YA Nigeria supports practical activities that promote positive social change by means of sports and open up new perspectives for youth and society as a whole. AFFF was born out of our desire to bring about football festivity in communities in a relaxed atmosphere using movies, music, dance, games etc. while at the same time addressing social issues that affect football lovers. AFFF exposes youth and their parents to some of the social issues associated with football like human trafficking in sports, betting, and drug abuse or topics related to everyday life like the use of public spaces, environmental issues, crime or violence.
The 3rd edition consists of three phases to bring sporting edutainment even closer to the public and involve different stakeholders. For the first time, AFFF will offer trainings and workshops for young filmmakers and journalists on investigative reporting as well as public discussions on “The State of African Football” organised in cooperation with the renowned online media platforms Premium Times and Sahara Reporters Sport.
Please see the attached document for more detailed information about AFFF.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have.
We are looking forward to welcome you in Lagos! Best wishes!

Eze Alloysius + Ian Mengel
AFFF Directors