Advanced Wedding Planning & Styling Course - Cape Town

Advanced Wedding Planning & Styling Course - Cape Town
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Starts: Tuesday, 23 February, 2016 04:00pm

Ends: Tuesday, 23 February, 2016 07:00pm

Event Details

6month Part Time Course
Times: 6-9pm
Venue: Plattekloof
For more information email us:
Contact: 0861171172

Modules Covered in the course:
♥ Introduction to the World of Wedding and Event Planning
♥ Detailing the South African Wedding and Event Industry as a Whole
♥ The Role of the Wedding/Event Planner vs that of a Wedding/Event Coordinator or a Venue Coordinator
♥ The Importance of the Relationship between Wedding Planner & Venue Coordinator
♥ Cultural Wedding Traditions & Originations Thereof
♥ Wedding Etiquette
♥ Wedding Trends
♥ Wedding Products and Services
Professional Industry endorsed Specialists introduce and host lectures on each product and service offered within the wedding industry according to their area of expertise
♥ Personal Styling & Grooming
♥ Basic Business Management
o Understanding the Basics
o Costings
o Profitability
o Time Management
o Balance of Work and Lifestyle

♥ Marketing
o Facebook & Twitter Workshop
o Social Media
o Branding
o Establishing your Target Market
o Trend Spotting
o Marketing your Business Effectively

♥ Styled Shoots & Trend Setting
o Students will be involved in creating an actual styled shoot
o Writing the story about the shoot
o Preparing all the documents needed for submitting to a magazine or blogs.

♥ Meeting with your Couples
o Initial Meeting
o Planning of Future Meetings
o Final Meetings
o Pulling the Plans Together
o Understanding the Needs of the Couple
o Dealing with Difficult Clients
♥ How to Charge for your Services
o Creating a Personal Package in Line with your Services
o Important Items to Include
o Defining your Scope of Responsibilities
o Your Terms and Conditions
o How to Sell your Services
o Contracts
o Fee Structure and Guidance
♥ Scheduling the Wedding Timeline in Template Form
♥ Scheduling for a Wedding Planner
♥ Different Types & Styles of Weddings
♥ Legalities
♥ Budgets
o Managing your Clients Budget
o Budget Templates
♥ Preparation for Wedding/Event Day Management
♥ The Wedding Ceremony
o Coordinating a Wedding Rehearsal
o The Ceremony according to a Marriage Officer
o The Variation of Ceremonies
o The Variety of Elements involved in a Wedding Ceremony
♥ Dress and Attire
o The Bride
o The Retinue
o Fabrication
o Groom and Groomsmen Etiquette Styles
o Colour Coordination

♥ Wedding Venues
o Ceremony Venues
o Reception Venues
o Evaluation of the Venue
o Understanding of the Services offered by the Venues
o Working with Venue Coordinators
o Understanding the Venues Operating Systems

♥ Catering
o Interaction with Caterers
o Catering from a Wedding Planners Perspective
o Serving Styles
o Venue Catering
o Private Catering
o Dietary Requirements
o Food Quality
o Briefing the Caterer
o Menu Selections

♥ Wine Tasting
o Serving Wines
o Wine Varietals
o Wine and Food Pairing
o Most Suitable Wines for Weddings
o Corkage
o Temperature
o Brief History of South African Wine
o Tasting and Assessing

♥ Wedding Cakes from the Wedding Planner perspective
♥ Hair & Make Up
♥ Basic Flower Arranging
♥ Creating Mood Boards
♥ Styling & Design Concepts for Weddings
♥ Briefing a Florist & Décor Supplier
♥ Basic Draping
♥ Wedding Stationery Basics
♥ Photography
♥ Décor and Styling
♥ Music, Entertainment & Lighting for Weddings/Events
♥ Selecting, Detailing and Dealing with Service Providers
♥ Building a Portfolio