Accelerated GloBUNTU Master Class - First Time in Cape Town

Accelerated GloBUNTU Master Class - First Time in Cape Town
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Starts: Thursday, 28 July, 2016 12:00am

Ends: Saturday, 30 July, 2016 02:00am

Event Details

GloBUNTU Master Class For First Time Writers, Thursday, July 28th to Saturday 30th

First time in Cape Town
Only limited seats available

Make sure to let no one else but you hold the pen and paper when it is time to write your story and create your very own legacy!

Why this class is exclusively for you
This Master Class is very unique of its kind in the sense that it will completely change the way you have been looking at yourself, circumstances of your life and people around you in a positive way.

It will reset your thinking and reshape your story in a way that you have probably never thought of before.

It will unveil and set free your hidden power and unlock excitingly new opportunities and possibilities for you.

This Class is more than just a book writing class, it is a life transformational experience you can’t afford to miss.

We love serving you and your friends
Bring a friend to be your accountability sister or brother.
This will ensure you the best way to kick-start your writing journey.
We love and reward people who share. For every friend you bring you get an additional 10% off your course fees for you and your friend ☺!

Target audience
This Master Class is for you, if you know you have that story in your belly you want to write and tell but still have some doubts, questions or needs a midwife to guide and assist you in the process.

Your Benefits
In 2.5 days we cover modules that take you from the idea through structure, publishing options, speaking and to your every own first book launch event in just five simple steps
You learn the three GloBUNTU key steps on how to write a winning story within six months if you are ready.
In 2.5 days in your city, you save plenty of time, money and gain loads of insight, tools, a perfect roadmap to your new life as an Author, personal transformational coaching included.

Structure and methodology
Our carefully designed and successfully tested content and exercises help you unveil and rediscover your personal potential, at the same time giving you the tools to take your story out big.

While our short lectures help you see the big picture, work in small groups help you gain more insight and to structure your story. Our preformatted templates facilitate your writing process.

Course Fees and opportunities
Total course fee R12870
+ Exclusive Beatrice Achaleke Scholarship 30% discount (R3861) Your Special Fees 9000

++ First time writer’s bonus R1000
Exclusive course fees drops to R8000

+++ If you make your full payment before June 30th you pay 10% less (-R800) Your exclusive fee drops again to R7200

++++ For every friend you bring you pay another 10% less (-R720) Your course fee if you bring a friend with along with you
drop once again to R6480

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