Academic Corner: Feminism in Contemporary Ethiopian Art

Academic Corner: Feminism in Contemporary Ethiopian Art
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Sat, Apr 8. 3:00PM - 5:00PM

Addis Fine Art 3rd Floor Red Building, Behind Mafi City Mall Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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As part of our Academic Corner programme, Addis Fine Art brings together Ethiopia’s Feminist Scholars, cultural critics and thought leaders to discuss feminism as it relates to contemporary Ethiopian art. With esteemed speakers; Martha Tadesse (photographer), Sinkineh Eshetu (Landscape architect and author), Hiwot Emeshaw (Author), presented in partnership with Setawit, moderated by Sehin Teferra.


Martha Tadesse 26, is a photographer and community development graduate. Working on street children and passionate about gender issues. Trying to collaborate art with the development sector such as photo story telling about gender based violence in order to challenge the community.

Sinkneh Eshetu (Penname O’Tam Pulto), a founding member of Arifwond Community, is an author and a landscape architect who prefers reading cultural and existing landscapes than creating new.

Hiwot Emishaw is a creative writer and published author. Her debut book Barcho (“the dark skinned“) is centred around the Ethiopian identity and is heavily critical of social, gender, cultural and political stereotypes. It went to become a best seller in 2015. Hiwot is also a prominent writer on social media with a Facebook page followed by over 120,000 people. She writes in Ethiopia’s national language Amharic but is working on translating her work in to English. Her highly anticipated second book, “Fqfaqi” is expected in April 2017. Hiwot works for the Save the Children in Ethiopian as Head of Communications.