A United Monash for A United Africa

Thu, Apr 23. 11:00AM - 12:10PM
Monash South Africa, Monash University, Johannesburg

Join us on this Thursday to show or Unity against the fight of Xenaphobia. We will start off with a march of solidarity around the campus grounds, #walkofshame , #noXenaphobia. Come up with catchy slogans to shout as we all walk. Link yourself to each other as the march gets bigger. Hold hands, tie yourself to you friends, link arm in arms...Whatever connects to you to you fellow class mates. We will then end of the march in Lekgotla Square where we will listen to a few people speak. We will have a poster where we can show our support by painting your hand and leaving your hand print on the poster. We are making our mark! During this week will be putting different Social media handles around the square, and on Thursday we would like to "Take over Social Media." Instead of all this negativity that is circulating all domains, we want to flood Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with Positivity and good vibes. Take as many pictures as you can and post them. The whole point of the campaign is to show South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world, that Monash South Africa, embraces and accepts the differences that we all have including, differences in race, ethnics and religion, furthermore that we embrace that we all come from different parts of Africa, making Monash our own little Africa. This is a Monash South Africa, Monash University initiative, being lead by CRIMON, Monash South Africa Society of MUN -msasmun, MUSASA, MoTV and many other organisations.

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