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‘a divination of enjoyment: extended play (EP)'

Fri, Dec 15. 6PM - 9:30PM
The Mix Design Hub, Accra
past 6 months
‘a divination of enjoyment: extended play (EP)'

This immersive exhibition asks: What if the sea is the earth’s mirror?

What does the world’s reflection have to teach us during a season of crisis and celebration?

a divination of enjoyment’ invites or considers artists working within mediums that reprise facets of African spiritual cosmologies from an indigenous and culturally non-extractive context. In this case this exhibition is reprising the folklore of Kwaku Ananse better known globally as Ananse the Spider. nii.a.k uses mirrors, glass, aluminum, iron, wood, twine, and water. There is a collaboration among artists in creating an immersive installation entitled, The Unraveling of Ananse’s Reflection, that is simultaneously conceptual, experiential, and spiritual in nature.

Divination, deeply rooted historically in the spiritual fabric of Ghanaian culture, serves as a vital tool for seeking guidance as sojourners, understanding the past through our ancestors, and navigating the complexities of the present of ourselves and each other. Divination is a spiritual source of future oriented guidance through one's life course through intuitive inquiry; this kind of inquiry serves as a set of downloadable spiritual instructions for each of us sourced from our ancestral well of wisdom. We can pull from it if we just soak ourselves into it. Through an array of contemporary visual artifacts from digital renderings, multimedia presentations, and interactive experiences, this exhibition invites participants to delve into the complexities inside of dualities of the development of Ghana in relation to the rest of the Black diaspora through inquiry like:

What would it take to move from being lost to finding ourselves as the solution to our problems by way of the consequences of life that are reflected back to us?

Where can we explore realms of divination that allow for solidarity, redemption, and healing, towards our sustainability and thriving as a global Black people?

‘a divination of enjoyment: extended play (EP)’ visualizes the legacy of colonialism and reconstructs new possibilities of thriving for the Black diaspora. It allows participants of this exhibition to redefine and create a new lineage of symbolism and signifiers of what the future of the Black diaspora means to them from a place of liberation away from colonial memories, gazes, and traditions.

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