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Starts: Saturday, 30 May, 2015 05:00pm

Ends: Saturday, 30 May, 2015 05:00pm

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The theme for this month’s meet-up is ‘The Relevance of the Ghanaian IT industry to national development’. Join us here at the Mobile Web Ghana lab, Madina as we listen to Kane Mani (CEO of Origgin) talk on the benefits the country has reaped from the tech industry.

 Technology has ceased to exist on its own as an area of study or specialty; it now seeps into all areas of the society. Nowadays technology affects every aspect of our lives and can be used in every human endeavor. Humanity has benefited greatly because of this phenomenon.

 Technological devices come in to make life easier by reducing the time and effort we would have otherwise put in to get the same work done without them. Certainly, this has a tremendous effect on the productivity of workers in the entire country. If tasks could be done within a shorter period of time with the help of a technological device, then this is a huge plus to service delivery in the country. If there are technological devices that can make citizens well informed about the government’s activities, thereby promoting accountability and eliminating corruption, then that is a tremendous contribution to the country’s anti-corruption campaign. This is how useful technology can be to the development of a country. The question then is: how has Ghana benefited from the burgeoning Tech Industry in the country? This is a question that is on the minds of people.

 So do make it a point to be at this month’s edition of ‘A Day in Tech’ as this very subject will be discussed by an expert in the industry.