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7 Days Amazing Culinary Holiday in Ghana

By West Africa Cooks
Sun, Feb 24 10:00AM - Sat, Mar 2 5:00PM
Bortianor, Bortianor

Culinary Holiday Ghana with an Unexpected Jamaican Twist

You will experience the traditional cuisine, visit local chop bars, eat street food, as well as dining in modern restaurants. You will learn how to prepare iconic Ghanaian dishes using traditional and modern equipment in a fun-filled atmosphere. 

Join your host Esther on a journey of discovery combing culture, heritage in a once in a lifetime culinary holiday. Ghanaian cuisine brings you rich and intense flavours, wonderful smells and colours that tease the senses. Surprising Ghana offers great cookery experiences in three different settings and locations, providing a melting pot of different experiences.

Meet the instructor
Makeda is a wholehearted lover of Mother Nature and is currently working on a recipe book from “DE GRASSROOTS KITCHEN“ and will be offering live demonstration classes. She is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, USA and is an author.

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