6th International Conference on Community Psychology

6th International Conference on Community Psychology
past almost 2 years ago

Starts: Friday, 27 May, 2016 06:00am

Ends: Monday, 30 May, 2016 03:00pm

Event Details

Conference Theme
Global Dialogues on Critical Knowledges, Liberation and Community

The conference is envisaged as a safe space to critique the assumptions and far-reaching influences underlying the dominant knowledge economy in community psychology, considered to be largely shaped by imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, globalisation, ethnocentricism and racism. The conference theme calls for the conscious decolonisation of knowledge creation, methodologies and processes that are largely fixed in colonial discourses, and the recognition of the plurality of people and the many geographical, psychological and sociological locations that they occupy.

The conference is to be a space to reflect on how mainstream epistemologies, ideologies and worldviews tend to perpetuate exclusionary forms of scholarship, research and practice through the dislocation and silencing of critical forms of knowledge. As such, the conference will aim to stimulate global dialogues that seek to disrupt hegemonic influences; call into question that which is construed as critical knowledges; and reflect on the meanings of liberation and community. The conference will be a space to have deep conversations about the complexities underlying emancipatory, critical and compassionate forms of community engagements.

The conference will invite presentations that exemplify subversive community engagement illustrations; illustrations that challenge colonial and other dominant epistemologies and asymmetrical power relations, promote the inclusion of marginalised voices, and accord primacy to community involvement in praxis oriented work.

Consistent with the core values and democratic ideals of community psychology, the conference theme seeks to accord representation, voice and space to theories and enactments of community psychology that contribute to robust debate and conversations about the identity and representational forms of community psychology, the critical roles of community psychologists, and the epistemological and ontological diversity present in global enactments of community psychology.

The 6th ICCP will therefore invite submissions that contribute to the larger global project that seeks to dislodge the ideological, intellectual and material arrangements of the hegemonic knowledge economy and enable liberatory praxis.

The conference programme will consist of keynote addresses; oral and poster presentations; symposia; thematic panels; roundtable discussions; innovative presentations; social events; cultural activities; and the opportunity to engage with exhibitors. Overall, the scientific programme will provide a balance of presentations, dialogue, networking opportunities, and interest-based working groups based on clusters of participant interests or sub-themes.