6th Angel Fair Africa

6th Angel Fair Africa
upcoming in 2 months

Thu, Nov 29 10:00AM - Fri, Nov 30 5:00PM

Maputo Mozambique

Event Details

The 6th Angel Fair Africa

Angel Fair Africa (AfA) was founded 5 years ago to address the need in the emerging African entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors to come together and do deals. Not a conference to talk about investment but an event where carefully selected entrepreneurs and investors are brought together in the right environment to do deals.

Our approach was to invite leading promoters of innovation to nominate their best entrepreneurs in their area to pitch to an audience of local and international investors. The event was designed to augment their local programmes by offering an additional opportunity for investment and collaboration, thus helping to fuel the fires of innovation that they had ignited in their local regions. We focused on hosting events in five countries, the “KINGS” who are leading the digital economy in Africa[1], namely; Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

Coming soon — Maputo, Mozambique
After successfully proving this in the KINGS countries, we are taking the event to Maputo, Mozambique from 29th to 30thNovember 2018 bringing together 60 investors, 20 entrepreneurs and 10 partners. The flow for the event is:
1. 3-day boot camp for the entrepreneurs in residence
2. Half day investors masterclass for angel investors
3. Investors dinner for investors and partners
4. 2-day event with the first day focused on entrepreneurs raising their first round and the second day focused on those raising their second or third round.

Join us for what would be an amazing deal making event.

For More Information Click Here: https://medium.com/@eosiakwan/angel-fair-africa-beyond-the-kings-4ef74398388a