2017 IYF National Mind Education Camp - Uganda

2017 IYF National Mind Education Camp - Uganda
past 12 months ago

Sat, Jul 29 5:00AM - Tue, Aug 1 9:00AM

Makerere University Kampala, Uganda

Event Details

2017 National Mind Education Camp
The World camp is held annually and countries abroad every day and have grown to become the world biggest inter-reaction in the world now. Through special programs like mind lecture which teach about the world of the heart, various cultural performance academies covering diverse fields and we are bringing true change in the lives of the youths. The world cultural camp that is held annually in Korea has shown a global approach by near involving over 3000 students from over 50 countries.
This years world camp will be for 4 days. Meals and accomodation are included.
Main Programs
Mind Education Lecture:
The participants will have a peak into the world of the heart. through this they can find true happiness in life and establish a clear life goal.

Special Guest Lecture:
Inspirational leaders form different fields allow participants to have an insight of the future and teach the qualities of leadership that leads to success.

Opening Ceremony and Launching Ceremony of National Mind Education Program:
World Culture performances:
Are prepared from the four corners of the world and help us to understand the beauty and the variety of cultures.

Gracias Choir Music Concert and Christmas Cantata:
The choir is a lifelong partner of IYF, their music embraces these special qualities by utilizing beautiful music to remedy the tension which many young people carry in their hearts.

Free Medical Service ( Doctors from Korea ):
Humanitarian volunteer initiative under that provides medical treatment participants and undeserved individuals in the community plus delivering hope and care to those in need.

Group Discussion and Presentation:
Through different recreation and the camp engaging academies usher in team formation and group discussion. Through this the participants to form not only unified teams but also one unifies heart.