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16th Ghana International Book Fair

Thu, Aug 30 9:00AM - Sun, Sep 2 9:00PM
Accra International Conference Centre, Accra

The Organizing Committee of the Ghana International Book Fair cordially invites you to this year's edition of the Ghana International Book Fair (GIBF).

The Fair intends to showcase the book as a cultural tool and provide an opportunity for all book industry practitioners. There will be occasion for dialogue; interaction and networking for trading of rights; author-publisher interactions; co-publishing arrangements; printing and bookselling trends, internet publishing and global publishing trends affecting the book trade in general etc.

Ghana International Book Fair exhibits all kinds of textbooks, story books and other books for the general public at huge discounts.

The following workshops are being organised as part of the book fair - Pre-Press Quality Management and Digital Publishing Management. Creative Arts Synergy Conference, ICT Seminar for JHS & SHS will be held. Competitions include Debate, Spelling Bee, Reading Sessions, will be organised for pupils / students. Be there!


Ghana International Book Fair promises to offer a unique opportunity for stakeholders in the book industry and other related sectors of the economy to network and trade.

The GIBF envisage encompassing the following stakeholders:

  • Publishers
  • Writers
  • Printers
  • Booksellers
  • Libraries
  • Students and educationists
  • Library Agents
  • Book developers
  • Research institutions
  • Financial institutions
  • Non-governmental agencies
  • Illustrators, among others

Read more on the GIBF website.

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