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Payment on Egotickets

This allows you to buy ticket to attend events. The process in buying tickets takes not more than 3 minutes. Payment currently can be made via Mpower payment (mobile money, speed banking, bank deposits and credit cards). Direct debit cards (anyone with a visa electron card).


Egotickets assures safety because we respect and abide by the rules of the code of ethics of electronic commerce and public interaction online in transactions conducted through electronic means.

Getting in touch with organizers:

Names, email addresses and phone contacts of event organizers are displayed on the page as soon as you click on an event.

Customer service:

Kindly contact us on 0504303331 on Monday to Friday from the hours of 10am-6pm and on Saturdays from 10am-4pm.

You can also contact us at:, or


Encountering problems in buying tickets

Contact us on any hindrance you come across in buying tickets on 0504303331.

Email:, or We are always at your service.

Changing a ticket bearer

Egotickets shows the data of the owner of the ticket so when this doesn’t match with the bearer to the event then the signature and a photocopy of a valid ID of the owner would be required.

Misplacing your ticket

Kindly contact us as soon as you realize you have misplaced your ticket. We will send back your ticket through an email after going through some few steps with you.

Printing of tickets

After receiving an email you can print it or show the QR code on your smart phone to offer you access to the event. Data on printed tickets should be visually clear be it Black and white or color.

Mobile access to the event

You don’t have to print if you have smart phones that you can view QR codes on. They can easily be scanned to allow you access to the event.

How to post an event

Posting an event on Egotickets is just simple, with a click on either the “Start an Event Today” button on the homepage or the “Start Event” button on the far right top corner of

Setting up my account

After clicking on any of the buttons in (vi), you will have two options by which you can create an account on

  1. By clicking on the “Register New Account” link on the sign in form as seen in the image below.
  2. By Logging in with either Facebook or your Google Plus account.

Managing your event:

How and when to receive the money after selling tickets

We pay out in just 3 business days after the event. The settlement can be made to your bank or your Mpower account considering your preference.

How to keep track of your sales

Our tool enables you to track your day to day sales by providing you with information on the number of tickets sold, your incomes at that particular point in time and a graph that depicts the development of sales.

Official rates on tickets

Publishing and promoting events on Egotickets is absolutely free. We only charge 6% on total tickets sold which includes all charges incurred in accepting payment online and 0.50pesewas paid by the end user as ticket management and support fee.

Cancelling and returning of ticket

The initial step to take is to get in touch with us to commence the return process. The deduction of 5% commission on the sale of every ticket will still hold including the 0.50pesewas as ticket management and support fee.

Information on attendance

You have the liberty to monitor and be updated with every aspect concerning your event.

Promoting your event

Egotickets provides an excellent service in promoting events. Events can be promoted on our social media pages like Facebook and twitter that get thousands of people informed about your events. Emails and SMS can also be sent to your audience who will always wish to be updated on your events. This is easily done because any purchase of a ticket has a place where the buyer must enter a valid email address and a mobile phone number.

Validation at the event:

Egotickets validates your tickets on the day of the event via our Android Application. You can effectively take as many agents as you please to help you manage ticket validations without sharing your Account details with them. All they need is an android phone (Other platforms coming) and your event code.


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