Will you be My...

By Vera ZW
Fri, Feb 13. 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Goethe-Zentrum Harare / Zimbabwe-German Society, Harare

Will you be my...
In a literally chilling concept, this Valentines eve Doc Vikela, SoProfound and Vera bring you a LOVE show of a lifetime. No Valentine present will out do attending this show of unapparalleled talent proportions.
Come enjoy some love vibes through stand up comedy, poetry and music. and choose your preferred Valentine
:-1. Valentine :- Vera Unplugged
2. Soulmate :- SoProfound (Arnold Chirimika)
3. One Night Stand :- Doc Vikela

Get Advanced tickets for $5.00 because on the day they will be $10.00

Arnold:- 0775 222 619
Victor:- 0772 875 384
Maria:- 0772 844 613


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