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What Are The Benefits Of Using Nitrile Examination Gloves?

Fri, Feb 11. 12:15PM - Fri 12:30PM
new york, Wilmington
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What Are The Benefits Of Using Nitrile Examination Gloves?

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Nitrile examination gloves are designed with synthetic rubber copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile (ACN). You will agree with me that Latex is a big name. But there have been cases of allergic reactions with the examination glove. Indeed, nitrile examination gloves are a game changer.
It’s no news that nitrile examination gloves serve multiple purposes. They are often used in hospitals/dental, for child care, food service/processing, sanitation, manufacturing industries, to mention a few. The gloves are known for maximum protection against contamination, infections, and allergies. In this post, we will walk through the benefits of using Nitrile examination gloves. 

Lessen Allergies Sensitivities 

There are some examination gloves options that trigger reactions in the wearer. These reactions are caused by the presence of rubber protein in these disposable gloves . However, Nitrile examination gloves is an option that is free of rubber protein and protects against contamination, irritation, and discomfort that comes with the regular examination disposable gloves.
Furthermore, the chemical configuration of nitrile examination is quite different. It neither contains chemicals nor powder that can cause reaction in the user. Nitrile has polymer compounds which makes allergic reaction unlikely.  

Allows Fitted and Flexible Movements 

Nitrile examination gloves entail a high stretchable capabilities. And this feature makes the examination glove much more favorable than other disposable glove options in the market. Also, it adjusts to the size of the user’s hand and fits effortlessly.
A valid explanation for this is that the nitrile glove responds rapidly to heat. In a much simpler term, the natural heat on the wearer’s body comes alive the moment the monomer is activated.   

It is Considered Tough, Soft, and Supple

The other reason why you should decide on the nitrile examination gloves is this. Although, the material can be considered soft and supple. They are quite strong too. When you decide on the examination glove, you will not experience anything like tears, scratches, and rips when in use. Also, these examination gloves are thrice stronger than the regular disposable gloves in the market. But nitrile examination gloves are not totally puncture resistant. Lastly, nitrile examination gloves are naturally resistant to electric chargers. And that makes it impossible to attract other pathogens. 

Your Best Bet At Safety

As mentioned earlier, it is free of rubber protein. And that makes it your best bet at guranting safety. On top of that, nitrile examination gloves are man-made substances and that makes the pricing more affordable than other disposable regular gloves.


By now, I believe you are more familiar with the perks of the nitrile examination gloves. And that stems from the production process. They are free of powder, and rubber protein.

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