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United Street Kids Festival 2016 - Masaka

By United Street Kids Festival 2016 - Masaka
Sun, Oct 9. 7:00AM - 5:00PM
Nyendo, Uganda, Nyendo

Dear Friends!! Dancers, Dance teachers, Artists, Singers, musicians and creators. On the 9th of October their will be a great Dance festival at Kasana in Nyendo Masaka Uganda. Their will be shows, classes, partys, jams, battles food and drinks. If you want to unite your talent with other talent, COME AND ENJOY THE DAY United Street Kids Festival 2016 - Masaka is a dance festival for the children of the street, here in Masaka Uganda. It will take place in Nyendo on the 9th of October, a village on the outskirts of town. A day full of dance, music, workshops, jams/battles and performances provided by professional dancers, dance teachers, artists and groups as well as the street children groups themselves. There is one thing that all children have in common, 'Dance'!. The children that live on the street unite in dance groups all over town in which they train, Jam, dance an challenge each other in Battles. Dancing is for them the way to express and exist. A way to bond, a way of life. It gives them the strength and the willpower to overcome the daily struggles and a possibility to inspire each other to rise and rise again. It is the dance that makes the street kids so mentally and physically strong, fierce and caring My mission; is to give these children a day of their life by providing them a Dance Festival they will never forget. Street Kids United - Masaka Dance Festival will consist of the following: 1. A stage with a high quality music system on which the dance teacher will give a variety of dance workshops. Where the Dancers will perform and the music artist will give multiple live shows. 2. An open field/dance floor, where the children can dance and participate the workshops. Where the Cypher (Battle circle) will take place for the Jams and Battles and where they can enjoy the show. The Main Floor! 3. A meal and soda for every child and many seats for friends and family to enjoy the event 4. A drum circle in which live music and traditional music will be played by the drum bands and music bands provided by the schools and orphanage schools. In this Drum Circle, the children of Nyendo can follow, under the guidance of live music, BBoy (Breakdance) workshops from famous B-boys and B-girls from Kampala. 5. An opportunity for street children to perform with their groups on stage for an experience. 6. A whole day, full of dancing, workshops, jams and shows where everyone can enjoy a day of dance for free -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Festival will reach beyond Masaka alone! It will be a token of unity between all neighbouring city's. Masaka, Kampala, Jinja and more. All join their hands together to make this day possible for the children of the street in Nyendo Masaka on the 9th of october. United with you! Some of the most famous artists and dancer of Uganda, who I've met during my journey and witnessed their talents, live in Masaka and Kampala. The children know who these artists are and the artist knows the children because they too lived in these Streets, sometimes under the same harsh conditions if not the same village. That's what makes this day so special and rich in experience. That these talented artists will come to this event to give classes and shows on the 9th of October at the street kids united - Masaka dance festival! These artists are the inspiration of the next generation All of this can become possible! Thanks to you. Share this message and this event. Despite the borders and the distance between us, we are all connected in a unified strive; 'The identification of our existence'. We exist! All of us! and together we dance through life on the music of our existence. We are all equal, all one on earth through the eyes of space. We all have the power to find ourselves and develop our talents, if we get the chance. So why not the children here? You will receive a signed DVD, with a compilation of pictures and a video, made by us, showing the result of the event with each generous gift. You will also receive a wooden token which stands for your connection with the children here and the others who support this event. A token of fellowship, that stands for our unity and shows your contribution in giving these children an experience that mold their future. Even Though its is a smily icon, with every sign of appreciation we get one step closer to provide them this day. Join the SKU family! Show that you support these children by sharing this message a. Give them this day and make it happen. On behalf of all children, Dancers and music artist and myself, Thank you. Thank you for sharing and we will see you on the 9th of October W.Boot Wessel Boot (+256) (0)786867435

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