By Prophet Covenant
Fri, Mar 6. 1:30PM - 10:00PM
Dar E Salam, Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

NIGHT of SOLUTION & PROPHECY! NIGHT of PRAISE & WORSHIP! NIGHT of MIRACLES & WONDERS! UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT will be held on Friday, 6th March this year, from 4:30pm @ (PSPF) Tower, Golden Jubilee, 4th floor. It's a night that you will never forget! GOD is going to do remarkable MIRACLES in your life. It's a night when GOD will be giving you solutions through prophecy! We will be praising and worshipping GOD, and receiving our prophetic solutions. So if you are hungry for GOD and you really need GOD's intervention, I encourage you to come. Don't plan to miss that night where SIGNS, MIRACLES, WONDERS and HEALING will be given to you in JESUS Name! Call us through this number +255 764 215 631, or email us at pcgfellowship@gmail.com UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT with Prophet Covenant, GOD IS STILL DOING EVEN TODAY!

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