By African Rights Initiative International- ARII
Sat, Dec 6. 6:30PM - 9:00PM
World Trade Centre, Accra, Accra

The Biggest Child Poverty Campaigner in Africa. (Reducing Child Poverty in Africa and Beyond, One Child at a time…) We are concerned about the unacceptable high levels of child and family poverty in Ghana and the African continent. We are concerned about the hazards to the future education, social, physical, development and employment success of poor children presently living in poor families in Ghana and Africa, especially, sub of the Sahara Now in its fifth year, the event provides a great opportunity for partners to align their organizations and companies with African Rights Initiative International in addressing some of the major sensitive developmental issues affecting children in Africa and beyond. Total Emancipation is an annual humanitarian fundraiser organized to raise support for children whose lives are affected by extreme poverty, low level of education and inadequate healthcare. Total Emancipation also serves as a business and social networking opportunity for eminent professionals and entrepreneurs in Ghana and Africa who are interested in Africa and African development The programme provides us the greatest opportunity to discuss some of the major sensitive issues affecting the pride and dignity of the African child and is under the theme “THE EFFECT OF CHILD POVERTY ON THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONTINENET-WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE?”

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