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Togee Town

By Henrik Lycke
Sun, Jul 12. 7:00AM - 2:30PM
Monrovia, Liberia, Monrovia

This last hike in July (Tomas and I will be out of the theatre until early August) is slightly more adventurous than previous urban hikes. It is further out from Monrovia towards Tubmanburg and Klay Junction, in an area we have been visiting before with some small villages, dirt roads and bush paths. There will for sure be wet crossings, so prepare yourself with walking sandals or at least flip flops. It might also be muddy so you might want to bring some extra clothes to keep in the car. It will take some time to get there so please be ready to leave Sea Suites at 07.00. We won't be back until at least 14.00. Bring a snack, a fruit and a couple of litres to drink and most probably you will need rain clothes. The trail is at least 16,5 km. The actual distance is often 10 % longer so 18 km is probably more accurate. And please only sign up if you plan to join us. The Going button is not a Like button. And as always we don't leave anything/anyone behind (no litter/no hikers). And one more thing. This is outside Montserrado County so you might need an MOP. I will use 3499.

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