Toastmasters' Cupid's Picnic

Toastmasters' Cupid's Picnic
past over 2 years ago

Sat, Jan 30. 1:00PM - 4:00PM

Petra High School, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Chelmsford Road Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Event Details

Cupid’s Picnic

Toasty Tasty Love

Love is generally felt through the stomach! What better way to start the term but with a picnic date with the Toastmasters' Club? On Saturday the 30th of January, from 1300 to 1630, Toastmasters is hosting a social event filled with love at Petra High School. Cost for external clubs is $5 as an entrance fee.

We have had exclusive details from the president of Toastmasters herself, Mandipha Hapazari. She said, “We initially wanted our first event to be an external social but time restraints made this impossible.” Instead, Toastmasters improvised with the splendid idea of introducing the new members to a less formal situation so that it could be a bonding session for everyone invited to attend. With a sparkle in her eyes, she said, "We have created an internal social with all club members and seven Interact and Debate members.” The new idea has made it an exciting event to look forward to.

To add to the fun and anticipation, there will be a poetry competition for the talented ladies and gentlemen attending. Notably, there will be a prize for the best love poem because, as Mandipha puts it with a winning smile, "Valentine's day is just around the corner!”

We are looking forward to attending this event, and hope to see you there. Let’s show some love and bring our beautiful hearts to help and support Toastmasters.

Reported by: Sigrid Watson and Carla Da Silva
The Media Club