Thursday Movie Night @ Goethe: Journeys

By Goethe-Institut Tanzania
Thu, Apr 23. 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Goethe-Institut Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

Run if you can Director Dietrich Brüggemann Germany 2009/10, 112 minutes "Every boy – whether short or tall, handsome or ugly, eight or 80 – dreams of the perfect love. And someday she will arrive: the perfect girl. Beautiful, smart, perfect", says Ben. And Ben should know! He is a quick-witted young man, loves to tell wild stories, and is paraplegic. The woman of his dreams is beautiful. She cycles past his house every day, a cello case on her back. But girls like that don't fall in love with wheelchair-bound men, and so love is out of the question for Ben. At least that is what he explains to Christian, who is doing his civilian service looking after him, and whom Ben orders about with black humour and a considerable dose of spitefulness. Christian is a nice guy, a happy-go-lucky type of person. The young men quickly become friends. That is, until the young cellist Annika enters their lives and they both fall in love with her. Their friendship is put to a severe test. Suddenly and inevitably, questions are raised: how does friendship work when love interferes, and how do love and sex work when you're in a wheelchair? Annika finds herself torn between the two friends: at first she feels attracted to the cheerful, light-footed Christian. Ben doesn’t think he’s got a chance with her, simply because he assumes that, as a physically disabled man, he can't be attractive in her eyes. But then things turn out differently. He and Annika grow closer, and their closeness takes on a physical dimension. A relationship develops between them, one that pushes them to the extremities of their emotional boundaries, but also gives them the impetus to grow as people. Photo: Wüste Film West & Wüste Film Ost Entry: Free Extra: Grilled Sausage (Bratwurst) and a Cash Bar with asorted cold drinks Extra extra: playback list with selected music genres - choice of the day! Remember: you can also meet interesting new people and old friends. Karibu sana!

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