Theology and Sustainable Community Health & Development Course

Mon, Aug 15 6:00PM - Thu, Aug 18 9:00PM
Kenya Highlands Evangelical University, Kericho

INTRODUCTION: The church has been on the continent for nearly two thousand years—and has experienced tremendous growth over the last two centuries. This growth holds incredible potential for the healing of Africa. Yet, all too often, the church is disengaged from the crying needs of the community—focusing exclusively on spiritual concerns. Despite Christians being a majority in many African communities, poverty, disease, conflict and environmental degradation abound. The church is often seen as irrelevant by non-believing community members. Theology and sustainable development course equips church leaders with simple tools that enable them to apply what they have learned immediately, thus beginning the transformation process in their own communities with existing resources—no matter how poor the churches may be. The training places special emphasis on the importance of mindset transformation and presents the Christian worldview as the key to social and cultural transformation. Christians are challenged to engage in healing relationships with others and to better steward the creation, ethical practices in doing business, better ways of farming, care for the vulnerable, be the voice of the voiceless in the society while engaging in discipleship, evangelism and mission.

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