The Wisdom Conference

The Wisdom Conference
past over 2 years ago

Sun, Oct 25. 4:30PM - 7:30PM

The Fortress: 18/20 Kudirat Abiola way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria Oregun, Nigeria

Event Details

The Wisdom Conference is a fast-paced, faith-based conference, focused on some of the most important issues in life.

Because we know that a man's greatest liability is his own ignorance, we have brought together some of the brightest minds available to shed light on the most important areas of our lives: Career, Health, Finance, Marriage; & Religion. Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse 15 in the Amplified Bible states that "The labour of fools wearies every one of them, because [he is so ignorant of the ordinary matters that] he does not even know how to get to town". In the journey of life, your speed is determined by the quality of your light. Attending The Wisdom Conference will definitely make you go further faster in the pursuit of your dreams.

A peculiar feature of #TWC1.0 is brevity. Every speaker has been scheduled to speak for a maximum of 20 minutes. There'll neither be lengthy introductions, nor philosophical academic analyses; our speakers will cut to the chase and tell you exactly what you need to know within the allotted time.

Conference Speakers:

Tunji Babajide, Kayode Alawaonde, Omotayo Abiara, Akinwande Ademosu, Kingsley Okonkwo; & Segun Oke