By Accra[dot]Alt
Thu, May 28. 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Exel Exclusive Lounge, Accra

The TALK PARTY SERIES returns this month for a special session to get us ready for CHALE WOTE 2015 (this year's theme is "African Electronics")!

We're discussing highlife music and Afro-futurism. What do these two have in common? A lot, actually.

Afro-futurism as an ideology and practice is trending all over the place but how can we approach it from a Ghanaian perspective? How have highlife musicians created "a magical experience and existence somewhere else" - outside of our present reality? What part did highlife music play in the transition between the Gold Coast to Ghana? How is highlife music a cultural generator, a transporter of energy, a time machine birthing AfroBeat, hiplife and AfroPop music?

Find out this Thursday as we chop it up with Dr. Kwesi Owusu (CEO, Creative Storm), the Funky Professor aka Mr. Kobby Graham, and a few guest artists who have a lot to say on the subject. As always, we promise a crazy DJ set, cool drinks and fun folks.

Invite your peoples. See you there!

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