The Practical HR Manager's Training Course

By OML Africa
Wed, May 28 9:00AM - Thu, May 29 5:00PM
Accra, Accra

Course Overview
HR needs to be practical, efficient and effective - not bureaucratic or unhelpful! HR should support and drive the human capital in the company to meet the business objectives and help protect the company.

Our practical HR manager’s programme has been designed to show people who manage the Human Resource function, how to manage the day to day effectively and work at the strategic level of the company.

Who is it for?

  • unqualified HR professionals,
  • newly qualified HR professionals,
  • HR officers/managers wanting to refresh their skills

. This course will show you how to do the following:

The 5 Steps to practical HR management....

1.  Implementing HR Policies & Information Systems

  • HR administration, systems and procedures
  • Absence management
  • HR data management

2. Recruitment, Selection & Retention Strategy

  • Recruitment and new starters (including job descriptions; Company structure)
  • Selecting the right people
  • Keeping your best employees
  • Thomas International PPA profiling (psychometric testing)
  • Exit interviews/questionnaires

3. Labor law: Compliance & Best Practice

  • Contracts of employment (including terms, pay and benefits)
  • Employee handbook (policies, procedures, standards and rules of the game)
  • managing with grievance, disciplinary and employment rights (and termination)
  • HR Health Check

4. People Management & Employee Relations

  • Performance management (including appraisal)
  • People development & training (and succession planning)
  • Rewards, Benefits, Praise & Recognition

 5. HR Business Partnering

  • Periodic HR Policies & Procedures Review (company structure, job descriptions, contract terms etc.)
  • HR strategy and Senior management buy-in
  • Personal effectiveness

Why attend:

The question is do you know how to do all or the above? Do you have all of the above in place? If your boss asked you how much you spent on hiring people can you answer him? If he asked you how much sickness absence is costing the company can you provide the figures to him? If he asked you to provide a summary for the performance management appraisals for this year can you do it? This course is about being shown how to do it rather than talk about what to do. If you answered no to any of the questions then you need to attend.


  • This course will show you how to effectively manage the human resource department in your company.

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