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The Kenya Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance Conference

By InfoBox Media
Tue, Jul 25 5:00AM - Wed, Jul 26 2:00PM
Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill, Nairobi

Compliance best practice for the pharma and medical devices industry. Compliance in the pharmaceutical industry is a critical issue, particularly in Kenya. Pharmaceutical companies across the globe face unparalleled challenges in the dynamically changing clinical, regulatory and business landscape. As regulatory scrutiny of the Pharmaceutical industry continues to intensify, compliance teams face increasingly complex challenges related to Legal Frameworks and Compliance, Effective Third Party Compliance Strategies, Best Practice Compliance Strategies, Internal Controls and Risk Management, Complexities of HCP interactions. The inaugural edition of the Kenya Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance Conference will provide a venue for industry experts, policymakers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and inventors to discuss and debate the challenges they face as well as explore new strategies. This event therefore gives compliance and risk professionals an unparallel opportunity to interact with the leading minds in the industry about the current state of laws and technology and government oversight and more, as the event format which includes panel discussions, debates, workshops and exhibitions will also throw light on the direction the industry will take in the future – making it all the more important for today’s Pharmaceutical professionals to actively take part in this conference. Apart from the Conference, corporate organizations and businesses in the different sectors of the pharmaceutical industry will also showcase their products and services to the delegates and stakeholders attending the conference. The participating exhibitors will be looking forward to meet the stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry across the East African region as well as invited groups, targeted business interests and entrepreneurs, so as to network, seal deals and broaden their clientele. The conference will be highlighted by quality presentations and submissions from different speakers drawn from the regulatory bodies in the pharmaceutical industry and government at large. Delegates are drawn from the broader pharmaceutical industry, with a special focus on leading managers, officials and stakeholders who are directly involved in the following key areas of regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical industry; Compliance and ethics, Commercial Operations/Marketing, Medical Directors, Corporate responsibility, Information Technology, Legal affairs and general counsel, Regulatory affairs, Corruption and risk management, Corporate responsibility, Heads of governance, County governments, National government, Commercial operations and marketing, Poisons and drug affairs, Quality control,

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