The Ethiopian 12th National Laughter Day Celebration&Tour

The Ethiopian 12th National Laughter Day Celebration&Tour
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Wed, Oct 29 1:00PM - Sun, Nov 9 7:00PM

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia , Ethiopia

Event Details

***There are new updates from WLM Belachew Girma regarding the first 3 days of the National Ethiopian Laughter Day&World Laughter Pledge 29-31.10.2014 and Laughter Tour from 1-9.11.2014- number 4 is very important if you can't afford the Laughter Tour:
1. 1700USD includes the Laughter Tour + 3 nights in Addis Ababa from 29-1.1.2014
2. It includes transportation from the airport on 29.10.2014 to the hotel+to the airport on 9.11.2014. WLM Belachew Girma will contact the embassies of all countries that Laughter Delegates will come from, to help in official welcoming of the guests .
3. Hotels during Laughter Events+Laughter Tour: All are sleeping in hotels, not a "home stay", minimum 2 people in a room. Husband and Wife will be palced together.
4. For those who choose to come only to the National Ethiopian Laughter Day Event+World Laughter Pledge- The school do sponsor one night for all delegates it is the night from 29.10-30.10 + Traditional Lunch on 30.10.2014. After that they are responsible to pay for lodging for another 2 days.

Please join the 12th Ethiopian National Laughter Day Celebrations, World Laughter Pledge and Laughter Tour to South Ethiopia.
All Laughter Yoga Professionals, Positive Psychology Experts and everybody are invited to those events. The first 3 days in Addis Ababa are free of charge.

Dates 29-10.2014- 9.11.2014
31.10.2014 is Ethiopian National Laughter Day
1.11-8.11.2014 Laughter Tour

World Laughter Pledge-first convention will be on 30.10.2014 and Experts\Researches can apply their abstracts to :

12th National Laughter Day Celebration Program General Schedule:

S/r Program Descriptions Time/ Implementer Remark
1 Guests Arrival and welcome October 29 W.L.M.Belachew
2 World Laughter Pledge Meeting October 30 W.L.M. Belachew
3 Ethiopian National Laughter day celebration October 31 Coordinators
5 3rd Laughter tour to southern part of Ethiopia November 1-8 Staff Laughter Generate for all
6 Special dinner program /optional Nov. 8 night at Addis W.L.M. Belachew
7 Good bye and sent off (final) Nov. 9 W.L.M. Belachew and delegated persons tourism office

Note: We are going to cover only the cost of World Laughter Pledge delegates for one day

Call for Abstracts:

The 1st International “World Laughter Pledge Conference in Addis Ababa Ethiopia October 30, 2014.

Let us communicate by smiling!

“Laughter Love peace for all Human beings!” (WLM BelachewGirma)

Dear Sir/Madam, laughter family, therapists, researchers and Laughter Yoga teachers,

Greetings with love and laughter Ho-Ho-Ho- Ha-Ha-Ha we break the silence of depression by laughter!

I met with Mr. Robin Grahm in Manchester, UK on 2008 for doing many laughter sessions, especially we presented in Edinboro exhibition.

Our connectionby laughter motivated both of us to spread laughter around the world following the establishment of WorldLaughter Pledge.

Mr Grahm showed a strong commitment in cooperationand support for the Ethiopian National Laughter Day. He has attended the yearly laughter events for many years. **

His commitment for changing his own personal life as well as of the others, by using the power of laughter for self-empowerment made him awarded by the World Laughter Master, His Kindness and Good Ethics Ambassador Belachew Girma, as Laughter Ambassador officially on 2011.

The concept of World Laughter Pledge that was initiated by WLM Belachew Girma & Robin Grahm brings Love and Laughter spreading from the heart to the whole world to alleviate the busy and stressed competing world.

We decided to set the 1st international W.L.P.conventionfor October 30, 2014 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Research participants and whole laughter family are all invited to be registered free of charge.
It is an honor for us to host you in Addis Ababa, the Hub of Africa.
The Deadline for submission of abstracts is on September 30, 2014
For further information please contact Laughter GenerateFor All Main office:- +251 911 22 61 64

More Laughter and love!
Laughter for all Ethiopia in collaboration to World Laughter Pledge founders
The World Laughter Master, His Kindness and Laughter Ambassadors
Good Ethics Ambassador BelachewGirma Robin Grham, Alex Sternick

The 3rd Laughter Tour itineraryProgram:

Day 1 Saturday Nov. 1, 2014 - Addis -Arbaminch 507 Km

Day 2 Sunday Nov. 2, 2014 Arbaminch- Turmi Overnight Turmi 385 Km

Day 3 Monday Nov.3, 2014 – Hammer market
VisitBull Jumping
VisitHamer Village
VisitHammer party – Turmi (Overnight)

Day 4 Tuesday Nov. 4, 2014 Turmi – Omorate 360km
- Visit Desenech Village
- Back to Jinka – Overnight Jinka

Day 5 Wednesday Nov.5, 2014 Jinka – mursi village (visit) 250km
- Jinka (lunch = Jinka)
- VisitKonso – overnight Konso

Day 6 Thursday Nov. 6, 2014 Konso – Arbaminich 130 Km
- Lunch Arbaminich
- VisitLake chamo (Overnight Arbaminich)

Day 7 Friday Nov. 7, 2014 Arbaminch to Awassa 330 Km
- Visit Dorze Village
- Overnight Awassa

Day 8 Saturday Nov 8, 2014 Awassa to Addis 300km
- Breakfast Awassa
- Visit – Fish Market
- Lunch @ Langano
- Drive to Addis Thru Butajira

Note: 8 days tour package costs 1,700.00 USD per participant
For further information please contact Laughter GenerateFor All Main office:- +251 911 22 61 64