The City We Assume (City Walk Tour)

The City We Assume (City Walk Tour)
past almost 3 years ago

Sun, Jan 17. 5:00AM - 2:00PM

Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

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Did you know the city of Nairobi has undergone much transformation from a watering swamp to a trade route then a railway campsite then now the city we know today?

we work, study and even live in this city but we know little if not anything about it. did you know that there are about 50 gazetted sites that are historical to the history the city and the country at large of which some were signs of supremacy, wealth, philanthropy and even political? can you name any?

here is an opportunity for us to learn more of the city that we have assumed for long yet its a historical book bearing events and happenings that have shaped the city we know today.

Meeting point : Nairobi Railway station

Drop off point: Uhuru Park

projected sites of visits will include Westminister house that served as the lodging for colonial administrators, Torr Hotel the first house to be instaled with an elevator in Nairobi, The LegCo that was used once in the procedings of partitioning of Kenyan highlands among others.

cost: Ksh 1,500 for citizens and residents
Ksh 2,500 non residents

cost inclusive of:
Transfer from Nairobi Museum to Uhuru Park
entrance fees to sites that include Railway museum, Kenya Archives, Nairobi Gallery and Nairobi museum.

this tour is recomemnded for :

* Enthusiast of Nairobi
* First time Nairobi Visitors
* Those in need of learning about the city we assume

call or text 0704 719 233
or inbox for more details.