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Sat, Feb 19. 7PM - Sun 6PM
Nasco Hotel, Koforidua
past 3 months

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SINGLE ₵25.00 N/A
DOUBLE ₵40.00 N/A
PLATINUM ₵1,600.00 N/A
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SILVER ₵950.00 N/A
BRONZE ₵650.00 N/A

The long and awaited is here !!! 🔥🔥🌟

The Biggest Night of Black Fashion, Art, Music and More, THE BLACK DRIP PARTY ♠️🖤🥂 Finally hits you on Saturday, 19th of February 2022 with The Ballers Rave Edition ❤️‍🔥🏆, @ NASCO Hotel Koforidua📍💚

The party organized by Legacy Promotions brought smiles and excitement onto the faces of the people in Eastern Region, Koforidua to be precised, all the tertiary institutions and most organizations around Koforidua in its maiden edition, this year expects to be electrifying as compared to the maiden edition.

The Black Drip Party is a big Night of Black fashion, Art, Music and more. The aim of this party in Eastern Ghana is to promote our very rich Black color dignity in a festival of fashion, art, music and more to bring togetherness and love among the people, as Black symbolises Love and Power.

The people calls it the Festival of BLACK or the Kofcity Annual All Black.

With The BallersRave Edition, Legacy Promotions is introducing a mega red carpet section for the kings and queens in Koforidua to showcase what they have got in terms of fashion, with a dress code of all black, is which an awards will be granted to the best dressed and best custom on the carpet for the event. 

Anticipate greatness, Fireworks and a party like never before!!! 🏆🖤💫

Kofcity Get your Drips ready and Anticipate greatness, Fireworks and a party like never before!! You can not afford to miss this one 

Lock in the Date!!! 🚀🚀♠️
This is the one, YOU DON’T WANNA MISS!! We’re Shaking Up #KOFCITY 🔥🖤🥰

The Official All Black PARTY in Eastern Ghana 🇬🇭 , Powered by LEGACY PROMOTIONS hits you once AGAIN!! 💫🥂💥

Make it bigger than ever❤️‍🔥🏆

#TheAnnualBlackParty 💯💦♠️ 

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