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Surviving After School Conference

By Agro Mindset Organisation
Sat, Mar 15. 8:30AM - 2:00PM
CCB Auditorium, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi

Our 20's compose undoubtedly the most pivotal time in our lives. While there are plenty of temptations and distractions, the decisions we make here are truly what dictates our future, as the weak fail and only the strong survive. Do you have what it takes to become a monumental success? Or will you live out a life of mediocrity? The choice is up to you. While many think they have all the answers and the keys to success, we have seen those people make the same pitfalls too many times before. This is the time for you to hustle, scrap and fight for the life that you want for yourself. We manifest our own destiny during these crucial years. 

Surviving After School is going to be the largest gathering of tertiary students as the how to survive after the 4 years of education remains a dilemma. Most tertiary students are under great amount of stress and anxiety and have no idea what the future holds for them as the competition in the 21st century is keen. The way to break through is their ability to identify, exploit and manage natural resources within the broader concept of sustainable development. This conference seeks to build the Human Capital worth surviving after school

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