Students Economic Empowerment Summit -S.E.E.S.

Students Economic Empowerment Summit -S.E.E.S.
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Fri, Oct 3. 9:00AM - 12:00PM

University of Lagos Akoka Lagos, Nigeria

Event Details

STUDENTS ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT SUMMIT (S.E.E.S.) was established as a platform to train Nigerian Higher Institution Students on Leadership, Entrepreneurial and Employ-ability skills with the aim of releasing students who will be perfectly fit, productive and competitive in the corporate market world and also impact Nigeria at large.
Clearly, it is obvious that the school curriculum in Nigeria does not directly teach or prepare our students for the challenges in the market place and year after years, we keep producing students that are either not employable or does not know how the market operates. Also through statistics, it has been discovered that there are a lot of Jobs available to absorb the unemployed masses but the problem employers have is that majority of this masses are not employable and even the few that are considered for employment are still trained at the expense of their employers.
Hence the need to bridge the gap between “The School” and “The Corporate Market”. The summit aims at bringing top professionals and consultants to all Higher Institutions in Nigeria who will train all participating students on basic leadership, employ-ability and entrepreneurial skills.
The summit presents a perfect opportunity to empower, network and also mentor students for readiness and enhanced productivity in the corporate market which will in turn reduce the rate of youth unemployment and also boost the economy of Nigeria.

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Toluwalase Craig