Spring Day Party Bus 2015

Spring Day Party Bus 2015
past almost 3 years ago

Wed, Sep 23. 7:00AM - 10:00AM

Pretoria, South Africa Pretoria, South Africa

Event Details

Eight years have past since a small Pretorian Rugby team embarked on the first ever Spring Day Party Bus. Now, in memory of these brave few, we are introducing a monstrous fleet of Eight buses to take you on a journey to Pretoria's best kept secrets.

Here is what your R250 Bus ticket includes:

– Drinks for the entire day. (You won't need any money unless you're a fucking TANK)
– Enough food to keep you going.
– Entrance to all locations.
– Gees

Group bookings (for 10 or more) start THIS FRIDAY.
Cameron Thomson (BHC/The Calculator): 079 127 0069
Darren de Beer : 082 906 0597
Sebastian Hitchcock: 078 458 4712

*read in deep poem voice*
No man has conquered, this Spring Day event.
Special invites to the bravest we've sent.
Many a drink will need to be downed,
Maybe this year a king will be crowned.

More Dirty Details to follow.