Spiritpreneurship Summit 2014

Spiritpreneurship Summit 2014
past over 4 years ago

Sat, Mar 29. 10:00AM - 1:00PM

African Regent Hotel 15, 237/238 N Airport Rd, Accra, Ghana

Event Details

SPIRITPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT, the first of its kind in the country seeks to bring together leading and emerging Christian entrepreneurs and corporate executives for networking and learning opportunities. The event would also share ideas on how to make impact for Christ through business and entrepreneurial initiatives.

This unique event seeks to inspire a new generation of Christian business executives whose main objective for being in business is to create substantial wealth to enable them support God’s work and influence the corporate landscape for Christ. Many Christians are yet to rediscover business from a biblical perspective and recognise that business can be an important way to build the kingdom of God on earth. Spiritpreneurship is keen on encouraging Christian entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

Today, it is very disheartening that billions of dollars are currently in the hands of godless entrepreneurs, business leaders and other corrupt corporate executives whose hidden agenda is to shut down the preaching of the Gospel. That is why we believe that God is anointing men and women to go into business, plunder the wealth of the sinners and use the spoils for the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Our humble submission is that, business and entrepreneurship can be an effective vehicle not only to meet our own needs and that of shareholders but as a means of underwriting world evangelization.

We at Kharis Media Ltd. are convinced that God is raising a new breed of spiritual entrepreneurs and corporate executives and empowering them to create substantial wealth through business and entrepreneurship. This new breed sees wealth, not as an end to be sought after, but as a tool to do the work of God and promote the agenda of Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that through this campaign, more spiritual entrepreneurs will be birthed and encouraged to use their wealth and influence to make impact for the Kingdom.