South African Carnival Gathering!!!!

By Marta Ferreira
Mon, Feb 16 9:00PM - Tue, Feb 17 12:00AM
Quinta Das Silveiras, Vila do Conde

Please confirm before 13 February 2015 Lets all get together for an evening of fun, food and lots of laughter :) Prices is €15 per person includes drinks (Except spirit drinks) children under 4 don’t pay, and children from 4 until 10 half price. Payments will be made at the entrance. Please note to reserve, saying yes to the event on Facebook does not count as a reservation, only reservations made by phone or personal message will count as a reservation. It’s a buffet menu. Since its carnival, don't forget to bring your costume :) To make a booking call Marta at 911 761 813

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