Song of the Pharaoh

Song of the Pharaoh
past about 5 years ago

Thu, Sep 12. 7:00PM - 10:00PM

National Theatre of Ghana Liberia Rd, Accra, Ghana

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Song of the Pharaoh is a major new musical-dance drama that tells a story of love, incest, and betrayal, and of political and religious transformation in ancient Egypt.

It is a modern staged play that combines Ghanaian traditional musical and dance forms with an eclectic, creative blend of styles from Egypt and across Africa.

The play mixes dramatic stage acting with various musical and dance forms. The story focuses on the rise and fall of the enlightened Pharaoh Akhenaten who ruled Egypt during a time of growth and artistic flourishing. It also tells the tale of his love for his beautiful wife Nefertiti and the family betrayals that shaped their rule and changed the history of Egypt and the modern world.